Zimbabwe to introduce mandatory jail sentence for using electricity illegally

The Zimbabwe government has approved an amendment to the law which will see mandatory jails sentence for people who use electricity illegally.

Speaking to the media after a cabinet meeting, Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services Minister Monica Mutsvangwa said, “Cabinet considered and approved the Electricity Ammendment Bill, 2022.

“The bill introduces stiffer penalties for the abstraction or diversion of electricity ,or the use of such electricity knowing that it was illegally abstracted or diverted.”

As for he portion where option is a fine at present, the Minister said, “The bill will also remove the option of a fine where one is convicted of the crime.

“Futhermore, the bill introduces stiffer penalties for the transportation of material used in connection with generation, transmission, distribution and supply of electricity without the option of a fine,” she added.

Some of the ways electricity is used illegally include meter by-passing, dangerous and unsafe wiring and illicit subletting of power.

While not many will disagree with the need to protect electricity, the reality is that as long as the crime of poverty persists with many, it is a risk many will still take in the hope of not getting caught.

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